♥ Stormpelt ♥

Stormpelt is a beautiful gray she-cat with dark blue eyes. Her tail has stripes of white, black, and navy blue. She had three scars on her flank. She is strong, loyal, and smart. Her mother was from ThunderClan and her father was from RiverClan. She was born in ThunderClan and brought to RiverClan by her father. While being raised in RiverClan, she met her enemy, Jaggedfang and got the scars on her flank.

Her highest rank is leader. In this position, Stormpelt lost a life by being tossed down the gorge by Silverfur, a traitor of her clan. She also had her daughter while being leader, Goldenheart. Unfortunately, her daughter died of green cough a few moons after becoming warrior.

Name Stormpelt
Names Kit: Stormkit

Apprentice: Stormpaw

Warrior: Stormpelt

Deputy: Stormpelt

Leader: Stormstar

Elder: Stormpelt

Kin Mother: Bluestripe

Father: Grayclaw

Grandmother: Gorsefur

Grandfather: Tigerheart

Mate: Barktail

Sister: Smokeash

Daughter: Goldenheart

Clan RiverClan
Quote If I die, just know...

You were my favorite

{Darkpelt to Stormpelt}

Education Mentor: Ivyfrost

Apprentice: Blizzardpaw

♥ This cat is not based on the books, it is based on imagination and RP. ♥

This has just been edited because I put the wrong eye color