Puddlepool is a brown tom with bright blue eyes, a white underbelly and a long tail.

Name Puddlepool
Warrior cont. picguys

Kit: Puddlekit

Apprentice: Puddlepaw

Warrior: Puddlepool


Mother: Sweetflower

Father: Largestep

Grandfather: Stonestar

Grandmother: Robintail

Grandfather: Swirltuft

Grandmother: Frosttail

Sisters: Marigoldheart, Shimmerlight

Brother: Seedstripe

Neices: Jaysong, Iceshatter, Spiritwhisper

Nephews: Hawkscreech, Fireburn

Aunts: Frogleap, Blacktail

Cousins: Moonfall, Swanfeather, Rockfur

Clan ThunderClan
Quote None
Education Mentor: Swanfeather.

Apprentice: Fireburn