Blacktail is a strong, black she-cat with sky blue eyes, a white-tipped tail, and white paws.

Name Blacktail
Warrior cont. picguy
Names Kit: Blackkit

Apprentice: Blackpaw

Warrior: Blacktail

Kin Mother: Robintail

Father: Stonestar

Grandfather: Bandit

Grandmother: Lola

Grandfather: Redbelly

Grandmother: Brownfeather

Sisters: Sweetflower, Frogleap

Mate: Rustfur

Sons: Rockfur, Swanfeather

Daughter: Moonfall

Neices: Marigoldheart, Shimmerlight

Nephews: Puddlepool, Seedstripe

Aunts: Creamfur, Bird

Uncles: Darkfang, Bramblefang

Cousins: Duskfall, Amberheart, Embersong

Clan ThunderClan
Education Mentor: Swirltuft

Apprentice: Moonfall, Vineclaw